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Vacation in Cancun: Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life get better.

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There is a time when health and beauty are more important than distance.


To support this philosophy, on January 2015 Hospident Dental Makeover in alliance with renew Cancun created a logistic package for all those patients who come for treatment from other cities or countries. There are two major reasons due to which this phenomenon amplified in the past few years.

The first reason is budget related. Locally, Hospident is rated as a top clinic, with services more expensive than the market average. That is for someone who lives in Cancun. For other countries such as USA or Canada, the costs of Hospident's services are below the market average, due to the different living standards.

This makes a patient who comes from such an environment able to benefit from our top services at a lower cost, even after quantifying the costs of travel and accommodation.

A second category of patients are those from surrounding cities in Quintana Roo. These patients need complex treatments and come to Cancun, not for economic reasons, but for safety and the high quality of services provided.

Hospident would like to invite you to save money up to 50-70% on your dental needs. Here at our clinic you would be able to compare prices from US and Canada and notice the rates. We know how hard it could be coming to a country you might not know so we help you with logistical assistence, we offer full ground transportation and premium dental care.

renew Cancun

Renew Cancun is an enterprise dedicated to providing advice and support to assist you with the process of your medical journey in Cancun, Mexico.
Medical procedures offered include: Cosmetic dentistry, Cosmetic and Plastic surgeries, Bariatric, Orthopedic, IVF, and much more esthetic treatment's.
We aim to make your experience as stress free and successful as possible. Our multi-lingual staff offer support both emotionally and physically, in every step until you have accomplished your goals in an extraordinary way.

What is Medical Tourism
Health Tourism or Medical Tourism is an option that thousands of people take advantage of every year. People travel to receive many types of treatments and medical attention. Mexico is one of the top countries with diversity in all medical services. We offer high quality specialists and up to date technology, easily competing with the best in the world.

  • Our mission is to provide the best experience in medical tourism, both locally and on a global level.
  • We are committed professionals who provide you with the support you will need to have a positive and successful experience.
  • From the moment you contact us until long after you return home, you have the full support of one of the best medical tourism teams available.
  • Our vision is to be the top company in Medical Tourism and to continue to expand with international presence, providing our clients with the best quality and services available.
  • Our multi-lingual staff offer support both emotionally and physically, in every step until you have accomplished your goals in an extraordinary way.

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IAll that is good begins with a SMILE. When you visit our office our entire team is dedicated to providing with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.
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